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Based on the information search that I conducted, I have come up with the following review for Magnets for Energy. Review is not bias in anyway and honesty is maintained at all times in detailed explaining of the advantages and disadvantages of the product. By having magnets for energy will not eliminate your electricity bills completely. Instead, current electricity bills can be reduced tremendously by using magnets for energy.

The first few chapters of the book provide ample details on how you can cut down the electricity consumption of your household. An example of the initial chapters would the steps to conduct an energy audit in the home instead of building the magnetic generator rightaway. This may be deemed as unnecessary by some users. To understand your home better, an audit detail is without doubt essential. The user will be able to identify areas in the home where power is utilised and the extent to which it is consumed. The user can also find out the real culprits in causing the electricity to shoot up, an example will be air leaks. Even solutions to such problems such as walls which may need insulation.

The author has also taken the extra mile to give reader other energy saving ideas. For an example, the author has raised benefits of using solar power, wind generators and magnetic generators to run electricity. This extra information provided by the author reaffirms the author's sincerity in helping the society.

The author then goes on in explaining the step by step procedure for installing magnetic generator. This Magnets 4 Energy project is primarily on the Perendev and Bedini magnetic motor principles. The generator is dependent on the magnetic repulsion and attraction principle which is from the forces at the sub atomic level. Two options are given; The two options are grid-intertied system with a battery backup or an off-grid system.

The instruction manual aids the user in connecting the generator to the existing power system. The instructions in the manual are straightforward and very much easy to follow. To ensure that a beginning learner does not get perplexed by the electrical language, the author clearly teaches the user to identify and spot the core components of the system such as the magnet bars, the rotor, a DC connect, charge controller, a system meter and a battery bank. However, a bit of know-how on soldering electrical components (e.g switched and transistors) and measuring voltage and current using a multi- meter will come in useful for one.

The author knows how much of a hassle would it be to get the components and to get information on them hence the author had come up with a list of components and the costs along with it. To solve the problem of finding the components for the best affordable prices, the author has also recommended a few suppliers. In conclusion, Magnets for Energy e-book is a great buy. To make it work, all one needs is skill, the right tools and a carefully constructed blueprint.
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Magnetic Generators are friendly and feasible alternative energy devices. Magnets 4 Energy is exactly what you need to save money on electricity.

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Insight Into Magnets 4 Energy

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This article was published on 2010/09/29